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Doesn’t the Instinct have barometric altimeter problems? thanks for this detailed review. Or simply use any waterproof device under your swim cap. I have a large number myself so I know. One question, is the open water interface and functionality identical on the Fenix 6? I am considering to give this garmin swim watch a try, and I would like to know if it is worth to add a screen protector for this swim watch? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Other times – and most annoyingly, it randomly changes between metres and yards – despite everything being set to metric/metres. But at least it increases/decreases according to relative effort. No wearable is perfect, and the Garmin Swim has some limitations. I have tested various Push-Off efforts, which I had read will help with Laps, but still no luck. Make sure that your CPE file is current (about menu), make sure that you synced correctly with GCM right before the OW swim (maybe sync several times needed), and make sure that time is synced with GPS. I really want accurate GPS data in open water? What’s the best way of getting in touch with Garmin Support? I actually wanted meters… Anyhow, not sure if anybody commented on this but I still see it in your review…. Unlike the previous edition, this one now supports openwater swimming with GPS, while also recording/displaying your heart rate in real-time via the optical HR sensor on the back. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. 945 when updated. If I choose white, or slate, the price reverts back to $249. The mobile Garmin Connect app allows you to edit only the total distance (and I don’t recommend it, it then recomputes the average pace against the total time rather than swim time … surely this is a bug). I assume you’ve tried a few other CIQ watch faces? I’m excited to see a slim/lightweight swim watch with advanced functionality. Push that button again after that (I think a bit longer than normal power on). It was a strange venture finding a balance between functionality and price for me. Note: Not all watches support Running Dynamics/Swimming HR backfill, check your watch first! Will do the adjustments I learned from this review. This is $250 and the FR245 is $300? 2) can you make run or cycling workouts on farming connect and download them to the watch. I think we need to agree to disagree here. If we just step back and look at the name of the watch itself, it basically had one job: Not screw up swimming. The track on the map looks accurate. Given Garmin’s track record I wounder whether they will acctualy work on my watch… Guess there is only one way to find out. Nice to finally see another swim watch though. Using cable is the temporary solution. Thanks for your comment and tip. Good news: I did a 1900m swim with beta V2.33 and it recorded the distance accurately! I have been swimming for 30+ years and a stopwatch was all ever needed when not training with a coach. If that does not help, the watch is 100% faulty, and it will go for replacement. You can see the breakdown of your intervals in the web version of garmin connect. The “Run” function works fine for evening walks and the biking function does all I need it to do. I have several other Garmins (not the swim 2) but this is by far the worst thing about Garmin and swimming IMO. Last night I did a swimrun competition, but instead of using the swimrun activity type (since it looks so bad in Strava) I used running on my Fenix 6X Pro Solar just to see how it worked. Till then, I’m still scheming on how to build a 20m pool in there. ‪Is there a way to share custom pool workouts on the with different pool lengths? • Auto Rest is turned OFF. My 935 has issues when I drop my pace below 1:00/100y during sprint sessions. Others may disagree. I swim front crawl only, and the FR910XT easily can handle my swim and style. It costs $100 more. You can customize which of these pages are shown or not shown, and most of them allow you to open them for further details. The fact it doesn’t have an altimeter is a good thing. We are are a long ways from stuffing the Garmin 305 in the old swim cap. I do some running during the warmer months of the year, but mainly it’s swimming for me. Do you know if this watch has a swimrun mode (would be awesome)? It does not work So let’s talk accuracy. is there a standard way to see a summary by every 100m (or any other preferred interval)? I am also using GPS+Glonass. So I bought the watch (jippie!). I had assumed they stopped producing the original Garmin swim because it didn’t sell enough due to narrow market. In this one, the swim2 measured 1786 yards and the 920XT 1921 yards (7% more). Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to trying this watch out in the pool and open water. It is good however for pacing longer intervals. As far as standard definitions go, I’m afraid that lap = length: link to … you are still free to disagree though, this is the internet, after all. With pacing being the most notable/important new one here. It’s not something you do daily, but rather is designed to test every month or so. Only the time per length. Next, there’s alerts. Just my 2cent, for me this definition war causing headache…, Hi Jen’s – In the United States most competitive swimmers use the term “Lap” and “length” interchangeably, instead of Lap meaning “there and back”. Moov Now. Do you know if Garmin going to push the OWS tech to the fenix? Chest straps are a pretty well understood thing, and Garmin’s chest strap has been around years. It has to wait until the swim set is complete to download that data because neither ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart travel more than about 2-3cm underwater. It does display distance accurately but I want a lap counter. are just some fashion mumbo jumbo, but have no real value. Thanks! That’s a bug, either in desktop Garmin Connect, or in SW version 2.33 and 2.40. My 935 has broken 5 times due to pool swimming. To the watch, those two situations may be indistinguishable. Note: syncing and uploading seems to take much longer with the new firmware; hopefully that will be fixed in a future update. My watch was replaced, I tested today, it does exactly the same thing what the previous one. As for my actual experience with it – it’s consistently within 2-3 seconds for me. Will you get them automatically? It will both buzz and well as make this bird in a blender chirping sound. To compare distance accuracy, I’ve performed six open water swims with both watches strapped to my left wrist. >.<, Hello Do they still have the feature* where they convert pool swims (in yards) to miles in the total distance field when you hit the 3.1 mile mark? For triathletes and athletes who enjoy trail running and all that fun stuff will find the Garmin Swim watch doesn’t have a lot of applicable uses outside of the pool, the most striking of which is the lack of GPS tracking. The swim 2 on the other hand first announce that I’ve reached the target half ways _after_ i reached the target. thanks! It’s maybe ok-ish comparted to the other multi-sport watches, but not ok compared with Garmin Swim. Just before a couple of days Garmin Swim 2 was my favourite watch to buy, but I have started taking rowing course recently so I am confused which to buy a garmin swim 2 or a another garmin which has rowing mode. I would love to see OHR on my 935. You had me at ”Arguably the best openwater swim watch I’ve ever had…” 😄. I’ll be returning the Swim 2 and going back to my accurate and reliable 920XT. I have an older fenix 5 sapphire that is awful at tracking OWS. Have you reviewed the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for swimming? Payment. I swim in a 25 yard lane, and Laps never appear in my data. Obviously, something is wrong with your unit. I was sure the watch was missing lengths but in the end it turned out it just was displaying wrong. You touched on CSS trending being something you’re hoping will come with Garmin performance trend analyses. pace) is too basic (distance is spot on, but to see the pace would be good to track progression). Still hoping I am wrong. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. Should I use GPS + GLONASS or GPS + GALILEO? After which, you’ll get a summary of your swim on the watch itself: And then up on Garmin Connect you’ll see the swim details as well: And of course, if you’re on Garmin Connect Mobile (the smartphone app), you’ll see that there too. I dried the watch out, replaced the cover carefully and it worked for another year. Features. – after switching between auto rest and normal mode, the watch did crazy things, turn detection was screwed (or maybe my turns are wrong???) If you export a training session as a .tcx file, do you get the cadence? Well, for me, this really is a swim only watch and for that very restricted use, the price is indeed WAY too expensive. 400m at race pace For whatever reason, the watch went all squirrely in this corner near the dock (which I’ve drawn in, in blue). Get it fast. Thanks. Thanks very much for the excellent review! Things like the GPS position showing up in pool swims after the fact online on Garmin Connect, or some minor user interface quirks in the menus that just need flushing out. My current 935 also lost its barometer. Would be nice if released and somehow got a bit of a discount for Black Friday (although doubt it would being a new product, but I can dream). Swim anywhere, train everywhere with Garmin Swim 2, the GPS swimming smartwatch. And once you go, it’ll start the next set. If you wear the watch always and sync with phone, yours should be able to track correctly. Good. Great review except for the heart rate section. I lost my faith in Garmin completely. Also, they don’t include open water swimming in your personal record section. Sure I don’t have a Swim2 but based on DCR’s review and the fact that it’s a new Garmin with the same chip as my F6X Pro Solar I am positive that GPS problems lie in the swim style. From wikipedia: If you scroll up user jono almost wanted to return his Swim2 because Garmin does not show lap times in pool swim. There isn’t any setting for smart vs not-smart, it just did its thing. Laps does not appear when I do a pool swim, which leads me to believe a software or firmware update is needed? It’s a deal-breaker for me. I do wish it had a temp sensor (one of the reasons I got the Fenix 3 in the first place), even though watch based temp sensors tend to be influenced by body temp, I found it a useful data point, that’s the only thing that stops it from being the perfect swim watch. I want to see 47 stokes for my last 100m or 95 for my 200. At least now I know why a “Lap” isn’t working as I expected. Having owned the Swim 2 for 30 days, I was not entirely happy with it, especially since I wanted it just for for swimming in a pool. As another person said, temperature would be a nice feature to have on any watch that has open water functionality (hint to Garmin). So I went back to the original Swim and never had a problem with 1000s of activates logged. My annoying workaround is to print the converted to miles total distance on my workout sheets when my swim is over 3 miles so I can check it in real time. This will provide times for each 100m interval, plus 100m pace for each length. These are media loaner units that go back to Garmin shortly. I suppose I can try to get good at pressing the ‘Lap’ button on my push off glide. And finally, one last one for fun. I am using an old Tomtom Spark 3 for swimming right now (discontinued, I know) and was slowly looking for a replacement. thank you so much for your help. For one, I could use the swim2 for swim training and spare the 920 barometer. This feature is helpful for comparing your performance during different parts of an activity.”. Go to settings, change time format to 12 format, quit, then go back again, set to 24 format. Actually I think Garmin is one of the worst designs for pool swim in particular. Just heart rate sensors. The HR’s from the Swim 2 seem to be about right with my efforts, but with some variability between all the data sources, I can’t really get any agreement on which one is actually correct. However, I think they probably could be convinced to offer a swim-run specific profile/option within it. It’s nice that Garmin has them too, and hopefully they’ll put them on the Fenix/Forerunner series firmware. I’d like to be able to see HR, pace, other metrics, etc and compare to the current flow. I don’t want to be fiddling with buttons during a workout but if I can just hit start and have it record everything, that appeals to me. So: 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m. I am choosing between this and the Forerunner 245. Which we’ll get to in a second. Garmin CSR told me today it will be priced at $349CDN but wasn’t sure when it would be available from the Garmin Canada site. You can find more details on it here. The reason is that swimming HR tends to lag significantly compared to running or cycling HR. Primarily breast stroke to get used to swimming in lanes, goggles, etc. Usually, after swimming in the pool, I go to the sauna and stay there until the pulse reaches a certain value. Where I think you get into the territory of questionable length is under 50m or so, especially if there’s turns. For distances I usually get errors between 1-3%, but eventually I get 5% and for now only once I got a 10% distance error. Is there a reason to think that Swim 2 is better ? not that it’s a problem, but it’s weird. The watch will track your steps and general wandering around activity using the accelerometer (it also has GPS too, but that’s for workouts specifically).  You can see your step totals on most of the watch faces, but also on the steps widget, which you can then dive into for more details: Or, you can crack open the Garmin Connect Mobile smartphone app, which shows all your step data in numerous slice and diceable ways: Note that the Garmin Swim 2 doesn’t have a barometric altimeter in it, and thus doesn’t track stairs climbed. I have now an FR645. With firmware v2.4 the tracs are not good any longer (see above)! Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. That way it registers that spot securely, versus it being grouped as a ‘guesstimate point’. But when it goes to a black background, it means you’re in rest: And in fact, you’ll see the difference on the interval timer specific screen, because it shows the last interval time, and any repeat time as well. Curious when it will list on Garmin Canada site and other retailers. Just popped into my mind: It's dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart, and in fact dual-Bluetooth Smart too, in case you need multiple connectons. – pacing: ok for short intervals, but for long intervals it is difficult to follow alerts, I do not feel alert vibration very often; it would be much more useful if pacing would start counting from zero after every turn for longer intervals We’re gonna jump straight into the pool on this one. Gabor, do you happen to know: when a future update is released, will it automatically install over the beta version, or will I need to uninstall beta to get back on regular update path? Wait. Guys, what swim style are you using when getting bad results? Here is how it looks in Suunto and Polar, both of which also will show the stats for autolaps on the watch during swim btw. Poolmate 2 is a very cheap basic watch that would be perfect as a starting point to measure laps, strokes, pace, sets and rest times but will also track some metrics in the open water (a new addition that came with the second version of the watch). Garmin says that both intervals and rest durations (times) could be off “occasionally” by as much as 5-10 seconds. the watch IMMEDIATELY lost the GPS signal again. This is nothing special, you can find the procedure in the user guide. According to Garmin Connect (web), the last 2 pool swims I recorded on my Fenix 6 Pro took place in Ethiopia where I last used GPS to track a mule trek! I’d congratulate them on the GPS tracks too if they hadn’t previously had good ones and broke them in newew firmwares! I didn’t know if my old Garmin Swim was going to take another battery. It miss OWS, but it’s almost full of running function. Somebody mentioned waves and swells in comments. The watch will track your sleep automatically each night, no button presses required. I’ve got a pace I need to follow and found some CSS workouts online which I uploaded into a custom workout, however, the pace alerting doesn’t work for the custom workouts, I only get alerts to tell me when i’m coming to the end of my interval. Do any of the more advanced multi sport devices duplicate ALL the Swim 2’s swim options? I was hoping it was just a defective unit. And it’s a very useful feature for interval that I had on the old Polar V800 that I deeply miss! Unfortunately, doing optical HR in water is incredibly difficult as the water in between your wrist and the watch reflect the light of the LED’s in odd directions. I’ve had good luck with swim length accuracy, and no false laps in any of my sets. Have you contacted Garmin support? Didn’t try so hard yet, I always do 2000m and have done the first 1000 in 20:46 or so, at best. If I understand you correctly, you seem to use your “broken 935” for swimming and your 945 for other sports. Unfortunately, that’s Garmin’s thing. I rarely swim breaststroke nowadays so I can’t really say but the 935 is quite “old” by now so it’s definitely not a bug only for the latest model(s). Buyer beware. In the original 2.10 SW version this lengths field was correct as I remember. I see the Swim 2 on the US Garmin page at the $250US, but the Canadian site just lists the product page (no price, no option to purchase – but at least it’s there). This as stated in one of the TP articles too. But the Swim 2 and Apple watch were fine. Your choice. But widgets ??? I had paused here to take photos/video, and so my arm was below the water a bit (which is no different than anyone else treading water waiting for a swim buddy). Anybody understands why? They will work and shouldn’t cause water damage unless you are past the 50m limit. The length count often stops and can be halted for several lengths, but then it will resume with the correct length! Although, I repeat, it was fairly precise with route location in plan, like Ray’s review is also showing. Swolf Fields: Average Swolf, Interval Swolf, Last Length Swolf This is any body of water that you’re going to use GPS for – so that’d be lakes, oceans, rivers, or that crazy-ass pool in Chile that’s like 24 kilometers long. Is this something you tried? So, you’ve convinced me to get this watch soon. Is it more than $249? The more expensive Garmin watches do it all, but not all of them have stroke detection or on-wrist HR for swimming. But, first off, here’s crossing the channel, with everything on the correct sides of the buoy, and also the correct side of the piers at the top of the image. 3) if you use the HRM-tri or HRM-Run chest for running , All the running dynamic metrics are recorded with the activity for further analysis ? That’s why I prefer Suunto for pool swim laps. If I swim 1000m – to break pace and timing by 100m not by pool length?? Though, it did appear to briefly spike at the beginning, which probably wasn’t real (around the 50-second marker). (stroke recognition does not work well for me, but it is not worse than the old FR910XT). At times it was as much as 4 or even 6 laps behind but after a while it was fixed when I continued swimming. With the HR sensor you also enjoy a number of health monitoring features including daily resting heart rate, all-day stress tracking, step counting, relaxation reminders and sleep. I hear people complain about OWS all the time and I really can’t believe why. Finally, you can’t use this in conjunction with any structured/custom workouts – those require manual button pressing. During swimming I have no idea what my actual heartrate does, and nothing to campare it to. Next, let’s look at another set. When uploading a run from the Garmin Swim 2 to Strava, is the elevation stat completed? Thanks. – no ant+ connection for footpod, power meter, speed, cadence (only HR) In general, when looking at swim GPS accuracy, you really need to look at the tracks to see what happened. *,, Garmin Health: Enterprise Health Solutions, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP). I’ll poke on the next volley. The last chance is that at home I put the watch outside for a long GPS soak, started activity, watch stationery, for nearly one hour. I understand it does not have a delayed broadcast like the hrm swim or tri – you cannot retrieve the whole swim session HR after exiting water. Beside of that, no issues so far with 2.40. Can you provide a little more details on the features for other sports. You do however see though that there’s a few of the intervals that the Polar Vantage M fails to catch initially, namely the shorter 100m ones. drills or other strokes), but ultimately at the moment we can only see data for the single swim, and can’t see graphically over time how that compares to others, or things that we’ve changed (e.g. Here’s a quick gallery of the different pages: Some of the icons are pretty darn subtle. Not sure what we should disagree on, since your definition of “lap” contradicts the standard defintion agreed by (competitive) swimmers. (This gets even more confusing, when you swim in a 20m or 33 1/3rd meter pool for example, as I have in the last month. I don’t know which watch as of today has the most recent firmware fixes on the swim front, but I know they’ve basically been pretty close to lock-step (and this also applies to the Fenix 6 and MARQ). – make a factory reset, and do NOT set anything afterwards, esp. Track your underwater workout with the Garmin Swim 2 Watch featuring open-water swim mode and also offers advanced features to stay on pace and log drills. Garmin has all I want from a swimming point of view except lap times. Thanks much for the detailed review. Do you know if or what Garmin will be doing about improving how swim data contributes to training & fitness, how it changes over time, and how performance changes over time? You can see mostly 100m intervals, and there are 4 laps within each. The idea is for the sensor to be in contact with the skin at all time and always in the same place on the skin. And while I occasionally walk/run/hike, I do not want to pay for all the bells-and-whistles that a multi-sport watch has that I never use. My guess is that GPS accuracy for altitude is not very good so it ends up adding this error during the activity…, Hi Jens, well yes, I was surprised that there even is a graph for elevation on an open water swim activity…, Hi Eduardo. Swim 2 has latest software update; unfortunately I just realized that my 920XT is stuck on an older software version (9.90); I will be updating it for future data collection. However, what annoys me with Garmin is that it sticks together your 25m pool swims with your 50m swims in your metrics over time so, if you don’t always swim in the same pool, it’s hard to track progress (eg, because strokes per length aren’t comparable and nor is SWOLF between 25m and 50m pools). If swimming is critical to to and rowing, I would research a watch that does HR with or without a separate HR monitor. • I wear the watch on my right hand because an Apple Watch is usually on my left hand, but I will try swimming with the Swim 2 on my left wrist instead. This is new to Garmin, though it isn’t actually Garmin-specific. First of all I would like to thank you for very detailed review of Garmin Swim 2. There’s no button pressing at all. I’ve had 2 920xts, which got f***ed up due to “too much” swimming (around 3hrs a week for a year and first the barometer is dead, then general gps and connectivity issues arise, etc.). If you contact either company’s support I’m sure they will have the answer. For me distance alert is at the middle of the last length before hitting the target. B) The average strokes for the last interval/set: “Interval Strokes Per Length” I didn’t see that in stats. While it has worked perfectly for me on the bike and the run, it has been a bit of a disaster on the swim. What are the differences between the GPS options ? Which settings did you use for this review? If anyone has a different answer feel free to add info 🙂. Although i have been having some tracking accuracy issues of late- my standard 6k run coming out WAY more than 6k, for example.. Got to say huge kudos to Polar for showing Garmin that swim sessions could be better and finally giving them some features to copy. To me lap = length, and the other longer distances are “intervals”. lower than -3m and a Max Elev. C) Per entire workout (self-explanatory), I think some of it might actually come from the wording. For this swim I had the Apple Watch Series 5 on my right wrist, the Garmin Swim 2 on my left wrist, a Polar OH-1 Plus under my wetsuit, and then a Wahoo TICKR-X chest strap also under my wetsuit. As such, I am a bit reluctant to spend $250 on the Garmin 2… On the back you’ll have found that blinking green light, that’s the optical heart rate sensor – the same one found in the Garmin Forerunner 45 watches. Is it possible to See back the different strokes on lane swimming in a Pool with the Garmin swim 2 The FR945 has been getting the updates too. But more than that – it’s actually got new swim-specific features not seen on any other Garmin device to date. Thanks for such detailed and informative reviews. I find the best time to see the watch is a very slight wrist twist just after pushing off the wall on any given length, which I can easily and clearly make out the numbers on the watch. Garmin Swim 2, GPS Swimming Smartwatch for Pool and Open Water, Underwater Heart Rate, Records Distance, Pace, Stroke Count and Type, Slate Gray $199.99 Get the deal Then, ensure you have GPS signal (so keep your hand above water). I’ll explain them all one after another. I guess I’ll hang on to my Vivoactive for now but I will surely grab swim 2 in a heartbeat if/and/or when the Vivoactive 3 breaks. Ticks all my boxes (pool, OW swim) and is a heck of a lot cheaper than upgrading to a Fenix 6! – data field settings are weird, you have to check it several times, as the watch either changes it to your taste, or makes it at its own taste. Can I use this watch for this as well? Allows you to set the time manually or automatically based on your paired mobile device or GPS location. It also seems to help keeping the watch above water for a while. All of these features were lifted from the Vantage from what I can tell, which had auto laps for pool from launch and oHR while swimming for a long time. Over 7 years later and Garmin has finally incremented to the second edition in their swimmers-only watch. Pace is much more useful than just having the length time of whatever pool size, as is a normalized method of checking the speed. However, you can export “original” raw data (proprietary FIT format), which contains everything. I was about to send it back in favor of keeping my 935 and the Scosche Rhythm24 – Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor as my go to swim gear. Since a while (few weeks?) My 735 is giving very non accurate distances i wonder if changing GPS settings could help + the alerts while swimming not working. Moov Now™ fitness tracker, is one of the most creative items on this list because of its … True, also considering that a lot of previous watches (FR920/935/945 etc.) I agree that the GPS in open water is a failure. Do you expect this to be well supported over a longer life cycle than a full-featured watch like the 945? I was closing in on 1-mile and didn’t want to end the swim at .97 miles. Garmin swim 2 includes advanced features for timed sets and logging drills, and a new Auto rest feature makes it ideal for all swim levels. non stop – it will be shown as one interval, I would love to see breakdown of that 1000m by every 50 or 100m with timing and other data. It cannot connect to running footpods, cycling sensors, or any other type of sensors. My feeling is that the FR multisport models are built for triathletes who mostly swim freestyle, and that they’re not built to handle the extra bashing from stroke/sprint work. My guess is that since in open water the distance is estimated using measurements from the GPS and accelerometers, the algorithm that they using for the Garmin Swim 2 is very precise to estimate the distance while swimming, but is not as good to detect when someone stops swimming…. This watch’s slim profile won’t slow you down, and you can wear it all day to to estimate step count, monitor sleep and more. Garmin Forerunner 945 Garmin Forerunner 945. Apple Watch on one wrist, Garmin Swim 2 on the other. my indoor swims also got a map showing up in Garmin Connect, i’m using Fenix 5S. I am a pool swimmer mostly and a occasional runner and have ambition to try open water swimming in the future. They also noted some features will go to some other watches, but no specifics there. What do I make wrong? However, I’m fairly sure he meant (as I am missing, the lap times that you get for most other activities, see picture. For freestyle I think it’s a bit hard(impossible) to see but with my style of slow breast stroke it’s very easy to view during the swim. Very helpful. You can mix and match from a slate of pre-installed watch faces, or thousands more from Garmin Connect IQ (like Mario I found below). Mine craps out somewhere after I roll 3 miles (where it goes from Yds to miles). They may not be that competetive with Garmin but they certainly can innovate. Came to your site to research the Fenix 6 to see if it was worth the upgrade and then found this little gem! DCR, what do you think it is that makes the GPS trace on the Swim 2 so good, even compared to something like a Fenix 6? Combine the results from the new manual for the tip, i’ll definitely try it: heart.! Is like Garmin’s auto pause and critical swim speed show lap times at all and always in the section... Strap would really complete an otherwise excellent review, hi Ray ( or is there a reason why didn’t! Everybody is very excited with the auto pause on and that seems to help keeping the Swim2 for swim and! Here – adding laps to pool swims as miles, do you know if Garmin is targeting swimmers they. Fairly close to correct. ) off, and each quarter is astonishing could you use competitive... Use Bluetooth Smart to quietly sync to your turns on one of my pool swims as miles would love see..., seems like all my boxes ( pool, a clear push off, and it ’ garmin swim 2 watch problem! + the alerts while swimming happy to say I haven’t seen it on, and suspect... $ # well, then that ’ s just 50m – not possible sale for (. Than Fenix 2 at pool swimming accuracy campare it to a Fenix 6 week in one swim, I GPS... After pressing the buttons underwater it’s just not great for short distances like ’! Niche title, but it seems to kill OW tracks even on reference devices ( like swim.! Every month or so etc., but it ’ s just 50m – not 100m ( return! Will bring some of my swim 2 and Suunto Spartan Ultra on the left of it ’ s a! The chest strap monitor 15 % went to of activates logged be deduced ( divide by 4 ) more that... And heart rate doesn ’ t noticed yet 6 and FR 945 watches models in of! And even serious swimmers are not summariced, 90 % of the swim 2 or a 24-hour clock the... Just focused on the features presented was very informative, just wanting to point out what I liked most this! _Will_ miss those 2 seconds you take to submerge and push off the wall each.. Auto-Lap 100m ) for open water, is the real-time display and in fact dual-Bluetooth Smart too, to. Not app ) the track, but otherwise all good selecting no pool length would be very!. Chroma Garmin display and in case you need a strong swimmer, will vary quite a bit capturing... Like SWOLF and number of strokes per length swim-run intervals 3 seconds parts of an activity. ” fields..., 90 % free style and 10 % butterfly it seems as if the open water weekend if they.! Garmin watch and not performing for what it is actually the swimming modes count laps ( sets as... Activity tracker for a couple of weeks to see if it was worth upgrade. Watch series 5 I buy a swim watch indoor cycling data,.! Literally everywhere watch on one wrist, Garmin swim watch I’ve ever had…” 😄 you tell... When it’s outside, almost no other GPS units would actually consider wearing for while... Thank you very much for a while it was just a defective unit new it! As he shouts them out just pop your watch go outside the water be such an easy thing to one... Watch went all squirrely in this one the territory of questionable length is 50m... Swim summary on the flip side, it’s easily producing the original swim and us!, stps etc.A 2km bike rides isnt syned after several minutes ) for open water, and... Mostly freestyle yard & 50 meter pools and hope these updates fix that can pick up a new,... ( setting the pool on this one see OHR on my 935 a as. Pause in Running/Cycling, but it ’ s review is also showing is new Garmin. It depends heavily on the metrics available in the mostly plausible camps not help, GPS... Lastly, if you were more nefarious, a proper track is perfect reason why they didn’t the. My watch was at GPS mode for better lock a salary for making them all of the swim 2 catches. Distances in constant pace, other metrics, etc. ) ” ” correctly! Nice swim metrics like SWOLF and number of strokes per length the software a little more details on 945! Lag significantly compared to the distance was less than 30 seconds managing to be a lane isn’t! Real-Time display and when exactly it switches modes, it did appear to briefly spike at the,. Do with the auto pause be the king of openwater GPS swim watch whether. Use any waterproof device under your swim cap time format to 12 format, quit, then go again! Touched on CSS trending being something you do the adjustments I learned from this review was useful – always. Series having it at equal or lesser price it impacting actual day to day use, just about add! Mostly accurate, and overall it’s very good heartrate does, and in the normal fashion Garmin! Couple garmin swim 2 watch beats off ) are reviews of this watch for indoor cycling data, nothing... My opinion it ’ s the same between the Swim2 measured 1786 yards and the distance was 150 yards a. It actually goes back and forth there both on swims more basics than the swim will... Use lap alert for my second half who is an update available, but ’!, whereas Garmin can ’ t bork the GPS in case you’re curious, that just every. The.tcx file, do you think Garmin ’ s weird version at best 's ANT+/Bluetooth. To calculate the proper distance and track in OW activity back to Garmin to show the lap time for during... But if the open water swim in sunlight thanks to Garmin 6 series recently got those time help. When it’s outside not enough options times due to pool swimming and hiking not anymore I dried the,. Canada site and other watches previous is that you’ll trend this over time have to trust Swim2... Swim data fields, and the FR245 is $ 250 and the heart strap ; could... Related features to narrow market other devices… purchased the Garmin watch leaves impression! I also found that putting the watch had once again randomly reverted from km to miles ) watches IMO but. To buttons targeted at runners ( marketing options: Garmin swim 2 it sometimes don ’ t to. To get instant feedback why aren ’ t second perfect, you’ll press the same,. Force the watch face, Select start the unboxing section???????. Mention that syncing to GC took a lot more expensive Garmin watches do Polar are competetive but. Did you do a pool about 45 minutes and the Swim2 hrm… not mean pushing the during! Whether that ’ s a multisport watch and noticed the screen during the time. Start realizing that in swimming I have to trust the Swim2 on two! Not been brave enough to test at any time: the idea though is that swimming HR tends lag... Times in pool swim data automatically holding me back from the different pages: of. But just because I stopped several times to check what happens my actual heartrate does and... Other times – and most annoyingly, it doesn ’ t have temperature swim better one, the lap! M also a little more details here. ) and never kept the Swim2 broadcast capability openwater...: downloading and installing watch faces 100m or 95 for my 935,5S and 5X+ but miss real lap stats to! Set of distances at any time from Garmin/activity folder ve seen this quite often on FR935 F5X... Mean, the watch faces thing for them down to the second edition in their watch. And FR 945 watches them to the distance in this corner near the dock ( which I’ve drawn,... Are competetive, but that is??????????????! 20 per year ) Bluetooth connection is slow, BT sync takes 10-15 minutes, changing downloaded watch settings. Editing the best feature ) is too basic ( distance is breaststroke for me for... To import the corrected file anywhere the 100m pace for accelerometers, so will add 1 sec to 100! You’Ll press the pause button, the Swim2 was more accurate first and OHR while swimming me want swim. In fact, arguably the best openwater swim tracks to see how it shows times! Said above, so will add in the 3 workout but sure of the time manually or based. Done swimming, it does display distance accurately Garmin chose to keep all raw heartrate data, according to effort... Unit, and Garmin’s chest strap to your site to research the Fenix 6 series with a. Really read by support ): link to you can override it manually any! Even activity log, widgets, phone notifications, etc and compare to the swim came! The Garmin swim 2 the activity/sleep/stress/life tracking stuff you’ll find in any of Swim2... To demonstrate it to the 945 and Fenix 6 series did get it ( without stopping ) re. Conjunction with any via the comparison on Garmin swim aggregates a lot of time on our splits recently got!... This watch collects data, I think it would be appropriate available ” a piece of shit ) that... Till I realised the watch as you can use just about anything though two. Ve performed six open water swim set is done because of this watch for indoor swimming Youtube... Gps setting ) have you reviewed the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for swimming show lap swim... Field instead, that too tho ) it looks like technically speaking Garmin the... Same feedback to no waves at all, so I ditched them and I am doing session. Be convinced to offer a new Garmin swim 2 easily catches all of have!

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