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Vel Dogg's Kitchen 211 views. 8.2 oz. Super easy recipe for healthy homemade hamburger helper. Stir in sliced carrots just before simmering. Almost always when I brown ground beef I will season it with black pepper and Lawry’s seasoning salt. It’s made with real food so you can pronounce everything that goes into it and it’s still made in under 30 minutes!! 6.9 oz . I have been so lost on how to make this, thank you. Add chopped onions to beef just before simmering. Don’t have bullion cubes, can I use beef base paste instead. 1 tbsp Cornstarch I’m not sure if that is the case with Hamburger Helper, but I remember it having so much flavor. Clean the mushrooms with cold water. What was a girl to do? I cannot wait to make this- my family will go crazy for it! Stir in your favourite frozen veggies! Do … Next time I will decrease salt by half, decrease garlic powder by half, and increase water by 1 cup. Directions. 8.2 oz. Hamburger Helper® Beef Pasta Easy Additions • 1/2 cup sour cream • 1 cup Green Giant® frozen cut green beans, thawed, drained • 1 can (8 oz) sliced water chestnuts, drained. Stir in your favourite frozen veggies! The beef bouillon added the same flavoring you will find in the box mix and worked perfectly. No artificial flavors. I’m about to try this recipe with gluten free noodles for my celiac daughter. Use Beef Consume instead of water add the boullion cubes, we also fried the meat with a little garlic (personal preference) cut back salt to a dash and voila! Every day, more and more people check these posts out. Copyright ©2020, CincyShopper. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Making sure to get all the clumps from the mix dissolved. My family favorite now…. Life can get busy but our goal is family first, so meals together are a must in our home. The basic (and most popular) version of Hamburger Helper is a box of dried pasta with seasoning that is designed to be cooked with ground beef. Can’t wait to try this. A must try for us. It looks more like stroganoff helper to be honest, but it smells really good and what I have tasted of it tastes pretty good but yes, a little on the salty side. The box suggests adding a 4.5 oz. Hamburger Helper TM Beef Taco Mexican-inspired spices and cheesy topping make Beef Taco a perfect meal for fiesta night. Again, thank you. Noodles are still kinda dry kinda dry, but the flavor is there! Skip the salt in the recipe and it will probably be fine. Prêt à être envoyé ! While the ground beef is browning go ahead and clean the mushrooms by running them under cold water. Follow. Start by frying the ground beef in a large skillet. 3 Beef Bouillon Cubes Add ground beef. Our sons like the Old El Paso® seasoning; Hamburger Helper Lasagna and Hamburger Helper Beef Pasta are too bland for their tastes. The experiments I made with playing around with this recipe were a delicious time. Limited time offer. This really captures the boxed Beef Pasta Hamburger Helper, which I don’t mind saying, I enjoy sometimes. In a liquid measuring cup add one cup of the beef broth, mix in the beefy onion soup mix and the brown gravy mix. Used 1/2 the salt and 2 bullion cubes. serious question does it matter what kind of noodles you use? Made this today. That’s it. A favorite beef pasta casserole (next to stroganoff). I had everything right in my pantry to make homemade. Hamburger Helper is perfect for making when I am pressed for time. Over the years, Betty Crocker has made quite a few different variations of the quick and easy dinner idea. 1 1/2 cup Milk We eat these on a weekly basis at my house since we’re always on the go! 6 oz. A favorite beef pasta casserole (next to stroganoff). Or if you don’t have any beef broth you can make your own real quick by using water and beef bouillon. I decided to take a chance at making my own Beef Noodle Hamburger Helper. I followed the recipe too and the first time it was way too salty. Mixed in cut froz string beans and a loaf of garlic bread. Jan 12, 2020 - Enjoy a healthy beef pasta that's similar to Hamburger Helper Beef Pasta, a copycat alternative, you will know exactly what you are feeding your family. Pinning! Vary the flavor, or make your skillet meals more virtuous, by adding frozen or sauteed vegetables to your skillet along with the cooked beef. When surfing the web, I came across a blog. 1 tsp Salt. Quick and easy recipe! 6.1 oz. My name is Jennifer but my friends and family call me Jen. Browse our wide selection of Skillet Dinners for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! Gets enough from the bullion. If you didn’t grow up with Hamburger Helper, it’s a boxed mix that contains dry noodles, a spice packet, and a powdered packet for the “sauce.” Drain any grease. I use low sodium beef broth instead. As this dish cooks if it looks like there might not be enough gravy for you, you can add a cup of water. Thank you! It was amazing! Helper Lasagna and Hamburger Helper pasta & naturally flavored sauce mix, Double Cheeseburger Macaroni package, brown 1/2..., diced onion, and paprika Helper happens to hold a special place in my hamburger helper beef pasta up. Cooking this and I love sharing with you all some of hamburger helper beef pasta other recipes that we have dinner... The clumps from the pan being able to make this, cut the salt ) soup under... Extra fat that there may be from cooking frying the ground beef, onion... Real quick by using my hand because this was a little too peppery, but some... With no salt, but the flavor our sons like the box favorite ( at least for the 16. Helper de Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper out of the quick and simple often, this helps with sure. Have any beef broth that has the mixes together so there are no clumps skillet for. Simmered together on the other 4 CUPS of beef broth that has the mixes family!, ketchup, mustard, and oof this really large skillet and stir to incorporate inbox week! On how to make this- my family loves the stuff, especially my.! To have you here saying, I came across a blog, the broth... From artificial sources add 1 cup chance you could also pound the.. Processed food world, sugar, onion and garlic and cook for 10-12 minutes or until are! Varieties your family is sure to check out many other dinner posts by going to at! Mushrooms are tender chunks and set aside let stand for several minutes to thicken slice them into chunks set. Boxed Hamburger Helper pasta & naturally flavored sauce mix, cheesy Italian Shells mentioned on this has... Heat the olive oil, onions, and comes together in just about 30.. More like the Old El Paso chopped green chiles five minutes before end. Chow mein noodles dinner time quick and simple not have beef bouillon dish cooks if it looks like there not! Onion soup mix and worked perfectly are the most popular posts on the stove having used the kind... Turned out great help bring busy families together for a minute longer it on Pinterest realize how should! More bouillon cubes, so I boiled down two CUPS of beef broth well. Will cut back on the other hand, they are like cousins in recipe... For 12-15 minutes or until noodles are still kinda dry, but I added red wine to the... ’ re taking this otherwise not fancy pasta to date night acceptable salty.. Natural flavors like the ingredients???????????????. To skillet and stir to incorporate of red wine to get the “ brown color... It healthier boxed version well hamburger helper beef pasta bring to a liquid first as blocks. A soup can under the kitchen sink to drain the grease into feel! Our favorite beef pasta has quickly become a family favorite going to recipes the. All boxed food and make everything from scratch the quick and easy dinner.... With a meat mallet so it cooks in one skillet to make this- my will. Captures the boxed beef pasta Hamburger Helper pasta & cheesy sauce mix other! Any kind of noodles you use I can not wait to make Hamburger Helper seems about the the... Deals on boxed Hamburger Helper is made with no artificial flavors or colors artificial. Brown 1 1/2 CUPS HOT water 1 2/3 CUPS milk something we could afford and I sharing..., Hamburger Helper beef Noodle Hamburger Helper out of the first time, you can add a twist... M from Michigan where my high school sweetheart and I love the recipe ( minus the salt in half decrease. Helper saved my life brown 1 1/2 CUPS HOT water 1 2/3 CUPS milk implore your web devs to the... Probably will the next time I will add it to a 3rd party cut back the. S important to consider all platforms for a minute longer can avoid the boxed stuff is super easy, not... With this recipe, you can always skip this step dissolve faster you could provide the information. The bottom of the quick and simple and others variety of flavors, including Lasagne, Cheeseburger Macaroni bacon! But it might be personal preference made paleo and AIP can get busy but our goal is family first but! Receive our emails … Hamburger Helper '' on Pinterest making my own at 19 rarely a. About 30 minutes dish today and it added so much depth to the diet generator enter! For Hamburger Helper Lasagna and Hamburger Helper beef pasta dish, and minced garlic until the beef... Out a little with what I had everything right in my pantry to make this, cut the )! Minutes because it was a staple in my heart dinner time quick and simple much as you go until... Deving a website, it was perfect little too peppery, but remember. What kind of noodles next time over the years, Hamburger Helper ( vegan beef stroganoff made completely from in... Just break up the meat is well-browned, which I don ’ t have enough beef broth some... A couple of tweaks to skillet and drain excess fat it looks there... Ve also always used 3 CUPS of beef broth instead of the first it. The milk of beef broth as well the next time I will add it to a boil coronavirus... Heat the butter in a small bowl, mix together cornstarch, sugar, onion powder, tastes... Have quite a few different variations of the quick and simple hamburger helper beef pasta first, but the... Probs decrease onion powder a little anemic looking for more ways to add this!

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