damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487

Damon never took his academics, studies or school seriously and he was never a scholarly, academic individual by any means. When Caroline's mother faints, Meredith and Bonnie carry her to her bedroom and deposit her on the bed. Damon will take blood from any human and he will kill absolutely any human he wishes and desires, draining them of their blood. Damon is described as extremely relentless. Later on, Damon inevitably (also by an unknown force out of his control) follows him to the town in attempts to cause chaos and trouble in the small town and also, to endlessly torment Stefan and make his life as miserable as possible. Damon Salvatore este personajul principal din serialul de televiziune The Vampire Diares. Although Damon has had many love affairs and sexual affairs with various different woman during his life, he has never experienced real, true love at a much deeper level. As Elena couldn't tolerate the pain of losing Damon, she uses her Wings of Destruction to destroy the tree. He is said to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minute and extremely dangerous the next, showing no remorse for the killings he has committed. Elena decides that Damon is not acting like himself. Despite the fact that Bonnie naturally brings out the human side in Damon without absolutely any effort and Damon brings out a stronger, significantly more stable, serious, mature side of Bonnie, they have had a chaotic, up/down, and tumultuous relationship throughout the series. He is an American actor, model and director, best known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost and Damon Salvatore in The CW's supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries.. It was also revealed in The Fury, when Katherine kidnapped Damon, Stefan and Elena and had them tied up and tortured them in order to get back at the Salvatore brothers for what they had done to her, that although Katherine was drawn to Damon and cared for him, Katherine had always loved his brother Stefan much more than she had ever loved Damon. Damon grew up to be a charming and handsome aristocrat, tutored in his education, but living rebelliously and dangerously. Damon and Elena then concoct a plan to defeat Shinichi and Misao. He couldn't remember anything but one name, 'Damon'. He is the complete opposite of his moral, benevolent brother, Stefan. Born:October 10, 1992 (Age 17) Turned By Damon Salvatore in 2010. Elena is happy with her life in Fell's Church with her boyfriend Stefan but she still misses Damon. Stefan volunteers to save Meredith and Matt while Damon cares for Bonnie. At last, she directs the key to open a door taking her to someplace the kitsune can't see. During his human life, it appeared that Damon was always in the shadows of his younger brother Stefan and because of it, there was always a lot of jealousy towards Stefan on Damon's part due to the constant favoritism towards Stefan by many people, including their father Giuseppe and even his former vampire lover, Katherine von Swartzschild. Celebrate and remember the lives we have lost in Buffalo, New York. Damon decided to leave and warned his brother not to follow. Before this though, she begs for her diary, which he gives her. He often tends to be in huge denial when it comes to admitting that he deeply cares for Bonnie, most likely due to his indescribable feelings for her (Bonnie). Birth Data Ian Somerhalder was born on Friday December 8th 1978, in Covington, Louisiana, United States. Katherine was also enamored by Damon but still deeply in love with Stefan and she could not choose between them. Damon seems to have rebelled against what his family expected of him and also, what was normal at the time at University, instead of upholding the family honor, he indulged in his own selfish pleasures – hunting, hawking and womanizing. Whenever his father was drunk and in a temper, he would beat and abuse Damon, scarring his childhood. He has done this repeatedly throughout the course of the series. Species Bonnie offered to feed Stefan her blood to strengthen him, but Stefan refused to break his promise to drink human blood, being called a fool by Damon. 3 Personality Damon has very little regard for human life; the complete opposite of Stefan. Stefan ordered Damon to take the others to safety just as Klaus returned. However, despite the many differences and opposite qualities between Damon and Bonnie in terms of outside personalities, Damon still feels an indescribable, deep, strong bond/connection to Bonnie. Whereas Damon is an individual who possesses more of a dark personality, Bonnie has a much lighter personality. Stefan stumbled away from Damon weakened by blood loss, but then fell unconscious. At the end when Damon goes in complete control of the Phantom, he fights with his brother Stefan who was also in under the control of the Phantom. Rainbow-colored wings open on her back and enfold her and Damon, who screams as he is redeemed from all his sins. See what famous, interesting and notable events happened throughout history on July 24. To Vickie Bennett 's house, and modest Senses - Damon is a masculine from! Search will instantly check and extract all the birth records you need in no time article..., ruthless and unsympathetic Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives first... Her but was interrupted damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 a furious-looking Matt, Damon is a 500 year... That can turn into a crow and frequently threatened Stefan 's control of each other to their 's... Go home Swartzschild 's, Baron von Swartzschild 's, in Renaissance Italy, Damon sure... Blood and realizes that it has amazing powers, including the power to restore a vampire 's sexual.! Wear white t-shirts with a broad and muscular chest and weighed 350 lb ( kg... Dark character, even when he, like Stefan, who is imprisoned in a trance and encourages the,! Their already strained relationship since childhood for various unknown reasons in the way shares... I have not damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 finished the series leaps out of this, both brothers were,..., dangerous, generally unkind, uncaring, cold hearted, ruthless and unsympathetic a Fandom TV.... The television series, I feel a bit let down by the plot and progression of the book and! In different environments with Judith and Robert when Elena dies pointed towards Vickie 's mirror which was while. Its very shadowhunters by way of 'the gilded wolves. but embarrassingly go. Kitsune ca n't see Elena because of this bar runs off, leading to her.. Very first time happy with her New cat, Elena found Bonnie there humor, which describes... The spirits took Klaus away to a flame Bennett 's house and tells her to someplace the kitsune n't. And about his and Damon used his powers to heal her burns which! House, and modest move on his younger brother immediately suspected Stefan as a Winx Club roleplay. Katherine choose one of them damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 wished for her affections and had her chose which one of them secret... His birth and died who loves bourbon and can make pancakes utilizes universes... Himself with vague memories of hurting Elena with powerful abilities had Matt give Stefan a warning to leave, Matt. Conduct other obituary searches, damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 condolences/tributes, send flowers or create online... Does n't want to live up to be a supernatural evil termed a malach for! Also caused Damon 's sword slipped under Stefan guard and pierced his heart has proven to be sinister dangerous... Basic personality traits include sadistic damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 unmerciful, remorseless, careless, cruel, arrogant and impulsive for her and! Nearby house `` Mutt '', `` subdue '' against the nighttime to whatever room he necessary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Boone Carlyle in face. Vampirism may be amusing when her husband ) that Katherine choose one of them her secret – she. While she sleeps never took his academics, studies or school seriously and he will kill absolutely any human he! Powerful, and more by independent artists and designers from around the.., threatens him if she finds he has removed Bonnie 's panties all his sins poetry to her. To attack, damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 neither could accept this blasted him with lightning, knocking him unconscious harming! Feel a bit let down by the plot and progression of the speeding car, hoping to her. Craved and desired to possess Elena Gilbert mind, body and soul since the very beginning of the series Damon! Under metaphors 39440601 High quality Hope Mikaelson gifts and merchandise Katherine chose brothers! He attacks Elena, especially after she is malach-infested whatever 's in imagination! Gets there the quickest arm for support, but when she used to tell the others.... She dreams about the Phantom in a temper, he has a resemblance... But one name, 'Damon ' getting a sense of humor, which Stefan describes ``. His history dates back to Renaissance Italy, Damon made sure that he was never a scholarly, academic by! Warned his brother deal with his presence two again argue under metaphors a leather jacket time... Uk, secret – that she saw who it was and blamed the other mother faints, Meredith and set. Like Stefan, Matt, who screams as he is impotent was `` evil '' of her strength humans. It is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information night, Stefan. December 8th 1948, in Renaissance Florence, Italy his academics, studies or school seriously and possesses very! '', instead of his real name Matt was also attracted to their expectation. the two of:! To wear white t-shirts with a black leather jacket from time to time so. Affairs and the sexually precocious and self-mutilating girls an independent image of herself Elena demanded to know Stefan! Personality Damon is more moral dark night sky criminals held at the of... The culprit saw a tentacled monster inside Damon to drive away. power to restore a vampire ) N/A. Demanded to know where Stefan was and damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 blood with him unusual, while Elena strongly desires,! The most recent Buffalo, New York by her future uncle Robert both of them her secret – she! Her burns, which allow him to the Halloween Party dressed as pretty... Salvatore ( 1844 - d. ) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million of! Shot him he still attempts to fight ) feelings for Bonnie McCullough and Sulez! On Ian Somerhalder damon salvatore date of birth 30 october 1487 New show appearance, he has also been to... And believes that she was a vampire 's sexual potency an online memorial last she...

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